Konstantinos Spiropoulos


1952: Born in Patras

1970: Admission to the Medical School of the University of Athens, following examinations

1976: Degree in Medicine

1980: Ph.D in Medicine, University of Athens

1985: Visitor Assistant Professor in Medical School of

Indiana University USA Attending of evening painting

classes at Heron Art Institute of the same university

1989: Attending operations at the Lung Clinic of the

Royal Brompton Hospital in London

1990: Pulmonology Professor at the Medical School

of the University of Patras

2000-2008: Assistant Professor (Law No. 407) at the School

of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina, on “Visual Art Anatomy”

2019 Emeritus Professor of Medicine University of Patras

2020 Visiting Professor University of Cyprus

2023 Honorary doctor of Humanities Nicosia University

Key ideas that defined my life course:

– A free man is a good man.

– Since his creation, man has been producing culture like the spider weaves its web. The spider’s web does not pose a risk to the ecosystem, while human culture, in all probability, will cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem.

-The means we have to prevent this is philosophy, Art and Science. I found that I had the need to get involved with Art as well as with Science. I did it with as much honesty and faith there was in me. I never considered any cost or trouble. I loved my failures, because I learnt though them.

To me, medicine is extremely, incredibly fascinating as it attempts to rectify God’s failed experiment, addressing mortality and pain and possibly making life less distressing. Because, truly, life cannot aspire to the achievement of great happiness but to the achievement of as little suffering as possible, according to Schopenhauer.  I enjoy art, because it is not so much about answering significant questions bur rather about reviewing given facts and values, mainly in the field of aesthetics, as a procedure that includes the interaction of reasoning and emotions. Thus, conventional views and forms and established expert opinions are revised. In specific, painting fascinates me because it creates forms that are a condensed culture and lifestyle statement. Painting, in its effort to “write” the world, comprehends it in a manner that reason, imagination and emotion can complete it and supersedes – even

though, temporarily – the despair caused by the certainty of self-cancellation. Below is an indicative list of painters and art historians who have referred to my work, as well as a list

of the solo and group exhibitions I have had to date. Note that the Italian Academy of Fine Arts features my portrait in a special volume on the representatives of modern European Painting, issued in 2016, on the occasion of the 400-year Rembrandt anniversary.

I am a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.


Alekos Fasianos, Gabriella Hajkova (Art historian, Director of International Biennale of Drowing of Pilsen)

Chrysanthos Chrystou (Academical, Professor of history of art)

Stelios Lydakis (Professor of the history of art)

Barbara Angiolini (Art historian)

Charis Kambouridis (Art historian)

Salvatore Autovino (Professor of history of art)

Paolo Levi (Art historian)

George Pantis (President of School of Fine Arts, University of Ioannina)

George Katsaggelos (Professor of School of Fine Arts)

Nikos Zias (Professor of the History of art)

Roberto  Chiavarini (Member of Italian Academy of Fine Arts)

Polyxeni Veleni (Director of Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Director of the Ministry of Civilization)

Aglaia Archontidou (Archaeologist Horonay Director of Ministry of Civilization)

Rahangiz Heydorova (Art historian)

Antigoni Kapsali (Art historian)

Antonios Markos (Professor of Philosophy, University of Patras)

Marino Zorzato (Bienalle Azolo)

Mario Gudezo (Bienalle Azolo)

Salvatore Autovino (Bienalle, Palermo)

Gilda Frunkin (Author)

Dr Themis Veleni Art Historian AUTH

Taught Open University of Greece and the University of Granada

Dr Maray Georgousi

Art Historian taught at the Ionian University

Rushar Ozer (Art historian)

George Maniotis (Author)

Pavlos Skaltsogiannis (PhD of Philosophy)

Giannis Andrianos (State Secretary of Civilization)

Vagia Mangarogou (Journalist)

Iris Kritikoy (Art historian)

Elene Velona (Archaeologist, Art historian)

Harris Kampourides (Art historian)

Dora Iliopoulo Rogan (Art historian)

Georgia Georgopoulou (Archaeologist MSc, Cultural management)

Xenia Kardara (General Director and Vice – Presi[1]dent of Michalis Kakogiannis Institution)

John Maronitis (President of Unesco of Pereus and Islands)

Daric Dup (Associate Professor of School of Fine Arts University of Bucharest)

Cesar Campos (Professor of School of Fine Arts Uni[1]versity of Lima, Peru)

Zoran Jakimovski Flu (Professor of School of Fine Arts, University of Skopia, Kyrilos and Methodios)

Dr Konstantinos Mpouras  visiting professor in Athens University

Αntonios Vogiatzis President of Athens City Museum

Manos Stefanidis Art Historian and Professor of  EKPA Athens

Martina Scavone Art Historian

Philippos Pouyioutas Rector University of Nicosia

Klimis Mastoridis Dean School of Humanities Nicosia University

My artworks exists in private and public collection of Greece and abroad.

Four Artistic structures adorns the street and the garden of the Prietian of University of Patras. The Greek Post Office honoring my work printed 49 stamps depicting a similar number of my works

Individual Exhibitions

Astor Gallery Athens 1978

Antenor Gallery Athens 1983

Zygos Gallery, Athens: 2003, 1994, 1991, 1988, 1986

Tholos Gallery, Athens 1992

Tower of Marcellus, Aegina 1993

Psychari 36 Gallery, Athens 1994

Polyhedron Art Gallery, Patras 2000

Mediterranean Art Gallery, Brindisi, Italy, 2001

Municipal Gallery of Piraeus 2003

Ekfrasis Gallery Athens 2004

“Melina” Cultural Centre of the Municipality, 2005 of Athens, Athens 2005

ONMA Gallery, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 2005

Old Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Yeni Tzami, Thessaloniki 2006

Galleria D’ Arte Mentana Florence, Italy 2007

Gallery Iries Athens 2008

Municipal Gallery of Syros 2008

Gallery Iris Athens 2010

Peri technon Gallery Athens 2011

Museum Michalis Kakoyiannis Athens December 2011 – January 2012

Peri technon Gallery, Athens 2013

Museum Michalis Kakoyiannis Athens, Athens 2013

Retroactine Exhibition, Archaeological Museum of Patras, 2014

Municipal Gallery of Mykonos, 2008

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, 2015

Fetihie Tzami, Nafpaktos 2015

Museum of Athens, December 2015

Theorema Gallery Brussels, February 2016

Museum Katsigras Larisa, November 2016

Archaeological Museum of Athens, February 2017

Delphi Museum, September 2017

The Hellenic Centre – London, October 2017

Museum Michalis Kakoyiannis Athens December 2017

(Tansfer of the exhibition of The Hellenic Centre, London)

E Gallery July 2018, Loutraki

Corfu Art Gallery September 2018, Corfu Greece

Morphe Gallery November 2018, Limassol Cyprus

Click Art Gallery December 2018, Brussels Belgium

Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos, Greece April 2019

Art Hotel Grecotel Palace, Athens Greece May 2019

Cycladic Gallery, Syros Greece, September 2019

Panagiotopoulos Aigio Palace, Aigio December 2019 – January 2020

Corinthian Gallery, Corinth December 2019 – January 2020

Sismanogleio Istanbul, November 2020

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Athens Anniversary 1821 +200 December 2021


Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Athens 200 years from the Greek Revolution title THE TROUPE December 2021 Athens

Chilly Art Gallery December 2021Athens

On line exhibition of the American Chamber of Commerce 200 years from the Greek Revolution March 2022

Museo Diosecano Francesco Gonzaga Mantova Italy July 2022

Book Castle of the National Library of Greece Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center September 2022

Palazzo Pisani Revedin San Marco Venezia March 2023

Gloria Gallery Nicosia Cyprus June 2023

Lefkas Cultural Center Town Hall Stamos September 2023

Selected Group Exhibitions

Collaborative, Zygos Gallery, Athens 2000

Land of Our Fathers, Polyhedron, Patras 2000

Folio 93 – 94, Zygos Gallery, Athens 1994

Summer 92, Zygos Gallery, Athens 1992

Kreonides Gallery Athens, 1988

Hydrochoos Gallery, Athens 1979

Astor Gallery, Athens 1980

Peri Technon Gallery, Athens 2004

Atrion Gallery, Salonica 2004

Caryatids Gallery, Ioannina 2004

Views of Athens by Contemporary Greek Painters, Museum of the City of Athens, Athens 2004

Views of Athens by Contemporary Greek Painters, Nicosia, Cyprus 2005

Painting exhibition 5 artists, Halandri Art Centre, Athens 2005

Intersalon AJV, 2006 10TH International competitive exhibition of Contemporary visual

art, Czech Republic La Mostra Mercato d’Arte Contemporanea Firenze, Italy 2006

Mentana Gallery Firenze Italy, 2007

Mantana Gallery, Firenze, Italy, June 2008

Mentana Gallery, Firenze, Italy, September 2008

Mentana Gallery, Firenze, Italy, December 2008

Panhellenic Exhibition of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece “The Human Body in the Arts”, Athens 2009

Il Palagio di Parte Guelta, Firenze 2009

Art Innsbruck Art fair Austria 2009

Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey 2009

International exhibition “art Athina”, 2010

Italy Gallery, Verona Italy 2013

National Exhibition of contemporary art, Gabala – Azerbaijan 2015

The federation of Canadian artists, international competition of painting, Vancouver Canada, June 2016

La spadarina, international competition, Piacenza Italy, August 2016.

Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “The Myths and Legends of my people”. Stara Zagora (Bulgary), December 2016.

Myro Gallery Thessaloniki, February 2018.

Art Project New York, March 2018.

Galley Time Of Art Athens, May 2018.

Galley Time Of Art Athens, July 2018.

Art Project Gallery 360, Firenze Italy, April 2019

International exhibition Metamorphose, Gallery Karouzou, Zurich Switzerland, June 2019

International Exhibition, Art Basel, Basel August 2019

Sculpture exhibition EETE Byzantine and Christian Museum Athens, October 2019.

Exhibition Element-Environement-Energy Tomato Industrial  Museum Santorini 2020

Exhibition Art Hotel Troulis Rethimno Crete 2020

Sculpture exhibition EETE Byzantine and Christian Museum 2020

On line exhibition Municipal Library of Patras 2020

On line exhibition EETE 2020

Flaneur exhibition Arte Vision Gallery Athens, June 2020.

The art of portrait Arte Vision Gallery Athens 2020.

Exhibition Figura Art Zone Gallery April 2021.

Sculpture Exhibition EETE Byzantine and Christian Museum  Athens 2021.

Exhibition EETE 200+about freedom Municipal Library of Patras September 2021.

Art exhibition- truce road- War museum Athens Αpril 2022

International art exhibition SUBLIMINA Museo Diocensano San Matteo Salerno Ιtaly May 2022

Satellite art exhibition VISIONS in the context of International Venice Biennale 2022

Palazzo Abrizzi Capello-Venice July 2022

Art Exhibition LEPTOGEOS The European Centre, Athens November 2022

Painting Exhibition Eetee Tobacco Factory Athens May 2023

Participation to International Art Fairs

Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey 2005

Intersalon AJV 2006, 10th Natinoal Exhibition Modern  Art, Chech Republic

La Mostra Mercato d’ Arte Contemporanea Firenze, Italy 2006

5th Insbruk Art Fair, Austria 2008

National Exhbition of Modern Art, Istanbul 2009 13th Art Insbruk, February 2009, Austria

National Exhbition of Modern Art, Athens 2010 Italy Gallery, Verona, Italy 2013

4th National Exhibition of Modern Art, Gabala Azerbaijan 2015

The federation of Canadian artists, Nationa Exhibition of painting, Vancouver Canada, June 2016

La spadarina, National Exhibition of Modern Painting, Piacenza Italy, August 2016

International Art Fair “Carrοusel De Louvre”, LouvreMuseum, Paris France, October 2016

Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “The Myths and Legends of my people”. Stara Zagora, December 2016.

Art Project New York, March 2018.

International Exhibition Galleria Bruno Massa Paris 2019

International Exhibition Aiapi Visual Art Human Rights Women can save the world Italy 2020

International Exhibition Trob Academy Italy 2021

Swiss Art Expo 2021 Zurich August 2021

Swiss Art Exro 2022 Zurich August 2022

Artbox Miami USA November 2022

K Droz International Painting Competition Paris 2024

Participation to International Biennale

  1. International Biennale Design, Pilsen 2006
  1. International Biennale Design, Pilsen 2008
  1. International Biennale Azolo 2010 (Honorably Dis[1]tinguished)
  1. International Biennale Palermo 2013 (Honorably Distinguished)

International Biennale Firenze Italy October 2021

International 3rd Maritime Biennale Marina Jurmala Latvia 2021


International Biennale Thiva Greece October 2021

Biennale Art Expo Venice May 2022

International Biennale Of The Visual Art TERRA D’OTRANTO Italy December 2022

9 Int Malerei Biennale Hamburg Germany February 2023

Marina Biennale Jurmala Latvia July 2023


Unesco Award for 2017 and 2018 for the Artistic creations.

First Award as a person of the year 2016 for his donation to the letters and arts from “Peloponisos” newspaper.

International 3rd Maritime Biennale Marina Jurmala Latvia 2021


His Art Profile is presented from the Italian Academy of Fine Arts in a special volume containing the representatives of Contemporary European Paintings, Issued, 2016

Presented by the World of Art Contemporary Magazine La Biennale Di Venezia 2022 along with 69 other selected Artists who Participated within the Venice Biennale Outside of State Participation

Award of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts for his overall Artistic work. The ceremony took place 3/12/2022 in Lecce Italy


Books with reflection in relation with the artistic expression.

K.V. Spiropoulos Lessons of Artistic Anatomy.

University of Ioannina Department of Fine Arts Ioannina 2002 Copyright University of Ioannina.

K.V. Spiropoulos Artistic games in correlation with the paintings of Kostas Spiropoulos.

Donti publications Patra 2013.

K.V. Spiropoulos 87+1 reasons why I paint. Filira Publications Athens 2017.

K.V. Spiropoulos the Aesthetics of Art and Subatomic Particles (The Relativity of Vision). Filira Publications Athens 2018.

K.V.Spiropoulos The adventures of Beauty a self report. Hellenic Postes Publications 2004.

K.V.Spiropoulos Think Freely (You must not be neat). Filira Publications Athens 2019.

K.V.Spiropoulos 10 + useful painting lessons. Broken Hill Publications Athens 2019.

My books with poetic texts.

1) Summer glamor, texts: Athina Schina, Stelios Lydakis, Theano Sophikitou, Antonis Skiathas, Dimitris Pantelidis. Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2000.

2) Time, texts: Alekos Fassianos, Chrisanthos Christou, Athina Schina, Pavlos Skaltsogianis. Pictures K. Spiropoulos, Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2004.

3) The flying bicycles of Iris, texts: K. Spiropoulos, G. Maniotis, G. Pantis. Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2006.

4) A trip to the dream and color texts: Charis Kam[1]pouridis, M. Savarika, Barbara Angiolini, K.Spiropoulos. Publications “Peritecnhon” Athens2007.

5) The magic bicycle, texts: Ch. Kampouridis, M.Savarika, Barbara Angiolini, K. Spiropoulos, Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2009.

6) My points of view for the painting, texts: K.Spiropoulos, G. Hajkova. Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2010.

7) Always be excellent in the modern urban landscape, texts: V. Michaelidis, K. Spiropoulos, D. Il[1]iopoulou Rogan. Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2011.

8) Anthropin forms in the modern urban landscape, texts: Iris Kritikou, K. Spiropoulos. Publications “Peritechnon” Athens 2011.

9) Analysis and solutions, texts: A. Kapsali, K.Spiropoulos Publications of Municipal Gallery of Larissa, Katsigras Museum Larissa 2017.

10) Guess of the guess, texts: K. Spiropoulos. Publications of Greek center of London,  London 2017.

11) Urban hints and others, texts: A. Archontidou, K. Spiropoulos. Publications of Museum of the  City of Athens, Athens 2016.

12) A fiction of the urban space, texts: N. Chari[1]tonidou, A. Archontidou, K. Spiropoulos, D. Kalogeropoulos. Publications DIKEPA Municipal of Egialia, Egion 2019.

13) Artistic eyes in a space who needs translation, texts: A. Archontidou, M. Christara, E. Velona. Publications of Municipal Gallery of Korinthos, Korinthos 2019.

14) Kostas Spiropoulos “painting”, texts: Stelios  Lydakis, Ch. Christou, A. Schina, G. Pantis, et all. Broken Hill Publications Athens 2014.

15) The space, the time, the field and the color, texts:

  1. Archontidou, K. Spiropoulos, A. Markos. Publications of Municipal organization of civilization of City of Pyrgos, Pyrgos 2019.

I have publicate more than a hundred paper with high impact factor (Pup – Med, Scopus).

Under my authority have completed more than ten (10) PhD thesis with excellent degree.

I have publicate the follow didactic medical books for the medical students.

K.V.Spiropoulos – J. Soulis Opthalmology “for the medical student of 4th year”.

K.V.Spiropoulos Pulmonology (Pathophysiology of Respiratory Diseases). Paschalides medical editions Athens 1996

K.V. Spiropoulos Pulmonology (Pathophysiology of Lung Diseases) Paschalides Medical Editions Athens 2008

K.V.Spiropoulos Thorax – Diagnosis P. Ch. Paschalides. Publications Athens 1999

K.V.Spiropoulos Chest radiology P. Ch. Paschalides. Publications Athens 2005

K.V.Spiropoulos Evaluation of Pulmonary Function. Tests P.Ch. Paschalides Publications Athens 2005.

K.V.Spiropoulos Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Dis[1]ease as a Systematic disease. P.Ch. Paschalides Pub[1]lications Copyrigth 2009 Athens 2009

K.V.Spiropoulos Physiology of the Respiratory System Parissianos Scientific Publications Athens 2013.

K.V.Spiropoulos Acid – Base Balance: The Evaluation Scientific Publications of Parissianos Athens 2015.

K.V.Spiropoulos Acid Base Balance The Omiostasy of water and Iones. Parissianos Scientific Publications Athens 2019.

I have translate from English to Greek the following books:

Lynelle N. B. Pierce: Principles of Mechanical Venti[1]lation. P.X. Paschalides Publications, copyright 2011, Athens

J.P.T. Ward, Jane Ward, R.M., Leach, The Respiratory system with on look. Parissianos Publications, copyright 2009, Athens 2009

Hunt, M. Muers, T. Treasure, Cancer of the lung, Parissianos Publications, copyright 2011, Athens 2011

G.P. Currie, Chronic Obstractive Pulmonary Disease,

Parissianos Publications, copyright 2019, Athens 2019